What We Do

building and animating your banner & online ad creative.

HTML5 Banner and Advertising Development

Bison is a small firm focused specifically on animation and development for online banner, mobile, and site specific advertisements. We are not an ad agency, but we do work for them. We do not design the ads (though we can refer you to a sister company which can). We fill the last step in banner production. We take your storyboard, static comp, photoshop document, and vision, and turn it into an animated or interactive ads β€” quickly, efficiently, correctly, and with an eye for style.

Unusually for a group of developers, our background is visual, not technical. Since our developers are designers first, we are used to speaking with other designers and creatives. We understand the importance, not just of technically correct execution, but also of style, timing, and motion in animation. We can execute not just the letter of a comp, but it’s intent β€” and realize the vision of the creative.

With years of experience, we are adept at shoe horning creative concepts into the very tight specifications of online media ads. We can get more content and quality into every kilobyte of ad your specs allow than anyone else in the industry.

We will share our knowledge on the possibilities and limitations of the medium. If your team is unused to online ads, consult with us early. We can help you avoid concepting and presenting ideas that your media buy or publisher specs cannot support.

Contact us to view examples of banners our staff have executed, and find out what we can do for you.

Who we work for

Our clients are online marketing and ad agencies with a plethora of design chops, but no on-staff HTML5 animator.

Why we are worth it

Bison is a premium service. We deliver the best quality in banner development β€” and we are confident we still offer a best value deal

Lets get this started

We can get your campaign from concept to deliverable, you just need to call.